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LIDS Trusted Domain Enforcement (TDE)
Yusuf Wilajati Purna
July-04-2004 N/A
LIDS Trusted Path Execution (TPE)
Yusuf Wilajati Purna
March-09-2004 N/A
Prevent Worm Spreading Huagang XIE Apr-12-2003 Check inside
LIDS FAQ Sander Klein May-19-2003 txt,html,sgml format at

LIDS Hacking HOWTO Xie Huagang. Apr-4-2000 Tar ball

(PS format,SGML)

Build a secure system with LIDS (v0.2) Xie Huagang Oct-5-2000 tar ball is also avaiable.

A full feature documentation None None None

A paper on how to use lids to have a good security approach.

None None None
LIDS chinese doc Shell Hung 2000 NONE
LIDS Japanese Documents Omo Kazuki

May 12, 2004 NONE
LIDS 1.1.2/1.2.X Portuguese


Anderson Luiz Tamborim "Spawn Locoust" June 12, 2004 NONE
Portuguese LIDS 0.9.8 Manual Denis Galv鉶 Oct-11-2000 NONE
LIDS - surviving bad documentation Emily Slocombe July-24-2000 NONE
SANS: LIDS - Deploying enhanced kernel security in Linux Thayne Allen February 12, 2001 HTML
LIDS overview:

part 1,
part 2,
part 3,
part 4,
Brian Hatch Nov 2001 ^-^
Using LIDS with your Mandrake Linux kernel Vincent Danen Jan 11, 2002 NONE

Other Documentation about LIDS

FOSDEM: Security at kernel level Philippe Biondi Feb-16-2002 pdf format
OSDEM: Kernel approach for Security Philippe Biondi Apr-18-2001 pdf format
SecurityFocus: Focus On Linux: Intrusion Detection on Linux David "Del" Elson May-22-2000 NONE