This is at least a partial credits-file of people that have contributed to the LIDS project. If I lost your name, please let me know. Anyone contributing to the LIDS project will be mentioned here. The list is sorted by the last name of the person.


Huagang XIE huagangxie _at_ gmail dot com PGP key
Huagang is the creator of the LIDS project. Other than LIDS project, he also contributed to other open source projects, including ssh, mysql dissector for ethereal project, a kernel 2.5 patch for the Wireless Host AP project.

Philippe Biondi biondi at PGP key
Phil is the co-author of LIDS Project. He push the LIDS project into new stage. He is the author the LIDS HOWTO and LIDS specification.

Yusuf Wilajati Purna PGP key
Yusuf is the maintainer of LIDS 1.2.x for kernel 2.4 series. Yusuf ported LIDS 2.0 features to LIDS 1.2 and help to develop LIDS on kernel 2.6.

Sander Klein lids_AT_roedie_DOT_nl PGP key
Sander is the maintainer of LIDS FAQ. He also help LIDS users on mailing list, and maintain the LIDS mirror pages.

Kazuki Omo: omok-AT-honto_DoT_info
Omo maintains the lids forum and he is the most active maintainer now.

Other Contributors

provides LIDS homepage hosting.

Steve Bremer
Author of LIDS FAQ
Provide lidsadm patch
give many helps to the LIDS user on the mailing list.

Radek Bohunsky
provide variant patches for lids 1.1.2 for 2.4.20, lids 1.1.2p5 for 2.4.27

Austin Gonyou
give many helps to the LIDS user on the mailing list.
Provide lids_conf script

Chuan-kai Lin
Provide many bugfixed

Christophe Long
Regist the domain for LIDS and pay for the registration fee.
Give many help to the project.

John Carol Langford
contribute the "seal kernel" idea and program

Zhipeng Li
provide many helps when LIDS in its early stage.
the first site of LIDS

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi
provide patch in lids 2.0.3rc4

Bosko Radivojevic
merge the openwall project's logging routing into LIDS
providing as secondary DNS service.

Andreas Steinmetz
provide patch in lids 0.9.7

Dieter Stolte
provide sysctl patch in lids 0.9.15 and many code clean patch.

Nils Toedtmann
provide idea to interactive with NETFILTER

provide many helps when LIDS in its early stage.

Wim Vandersmissen
provide the openwall+LIDS patch and lidsadm RPM
provide as secondary DNS

Webmotion Inc.
provide the DNS resolver and DNS host.

Cartel Information
provide as secondary on a high avaiablity connection.

Wensong Zhang(LVS Project)
provided LIDS homepage hosting.

provided LIDS homepage hosting.