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v 1.0, 29 March 2000

This Document is for LIDS ( Linux Intrusion Detection System) Project and mainly about the impletementation of LIDS in the kernel. The target of the LIDS is to enhance the current Linux Kernel, to make it more solidate and more secure. In order to accomplish the target, LIDS uses the current Linux kernel resouce and adds on some security features. In this HOWTO, I will say something about the LIDS internal to those who concern the inplementation of LIDS. If you want to know how to use LIDS, please refer to LIDS HOWTO.

1. Introduction

2. Protect File System

3. Protect Devices , Raw I/O access.

4. Protect Important Process.

5. Sealing the Kernel.

6. LIDS with Capability

7. LIDS Security Level in kernel.

8. Network security in kernel.

9. Intrusion Response System

10. Thanks .

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